Tidal Records


Tidal Records, is the newest addition to northern Ontario’s growing independent music scene. With its sights set on releasing and distributing a wide range of artists, from around the world. Tidal Records is a total package of creativity and imagination.

The creative passion of Dustin Jones, and Tidal Records is the beginning of something remarkable. Finding a need for good artist representation and able to see a dream from its inception to realization as well as providing those seeking talent with the highest quality of creativity and entertainment is the role of Tidal Records.

Tidal Records humble beginnings are a long way from the ambitious and successful rise to where it is today. Beginning in the early 2000’s with a successful compilation record, showcasing some of Northern Ontario’s premier songwriters and friends, the Tidal records family is growing stronger everyday. With their sights set on building a musical empire based in Sault Ste Marie Ontario and providing all of North America with the highest quality music, musicians and entertainment.

Tidal Records is already an empire, built from the ground up with strong family relationships and a close knit community of writers, musicians, and engineers. This is what makes Tidal Records a unique place for any artist to aspire to be a part of.

Dustins Jones 20+ years of experience as a writer, musician and an engineer are invaluable assets to Tidal records.

Having participated with his band, the Rising Tide, in the last few years of the warped tour, and his endless touring and recording with bands such as the Inner City Surfers, Sideblinder, and DJRT give Dustin the experience and passion required to helm a project of this magnitude..

Dustin also runs his own booking agency along with IBOOK SHOWS which enables Tidal Records to book and co-ordinate cross country and international tours, providing the musical and entertainment needs of their always growing list of satisfied clients.

Businesses in north america are already aware of the caliber of talent and know to expect and receive only the most professional and passionate artists. Clients can depend on, and be sure what Tidal records sends out, is going to satisfy even the most discerning music listener.. and entertain everyone. Guaranteed.

Tidal Records nurtures the endless creative pool of artists, music makers and pillars of the entertainment industry. To create the most complete package of in-house representation and skilled artistry that will help see your vision from seed to fruition.

The family vibe of Tidal records helps each of its artists make those life changing decisions that go hand in hand with the smaller day to day efforts required to reach each unique set of goals the artists set for themselves and beyond. Often exceeding all expectations and providing the support necessary to dream bigger, accomplish more, and work harder.

Tidal records is an imagination factory. If you can dream it. Tidal Records has the resources and ability to make dreams come true.

-Written by Brad Example