Tidal Records

Shannon Moan Trio

Shannon Moan is the voice of your wool sweater that keeps you warm on cool nights while camping in the north woods. She is the voice of your favourite coffee blend from your favourite coffee shop. She is the voice of that book that you keep reading over and over and over but never get sick of. She is the voice of a Tarantino heroine, always surviving, always strong but always vulnerable.
After a childhood spent in the Alberta foothills, she began playing music in Sault Ste. Marie at the tender age of fourteen. By sixteen, Shannon was writing and performing her own material, playing coffee shops and then moving up to bars at seventeen. Honing her craft, her song-writing, her voice, she played venues with names from a lost poem, The Fireball, The Steamy Bean, The Downbeat, Loplops.

Whether solo or with a band or sharing the stage with local artists, audiences are bewitched, enthralled, they are captured in her gentle grasp, unwilling to escape.

Written by Robert Slack