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December 1, 2014

November 24, 2014

Make sure to get out and support some of our Tidal Records artists this holiday season.

Wishing safe travels to our TIDAL RECORDS´╗┐ boys out there on the road today. To all you people in London who are going to see frank deresti and the lake effect´╗┐ play part of the Fairmont Concert Series…ENJOY!!! And for everyone in Sarnia you can  More...

The Crooners are just wrapping up there debut album with Tidal Records….being recorded at Mission Control Studios. Its been a long process tracking this one..but its well worth the wait. Stand by and we’ll keep ya posted.

The Boothill Crooners will be at it again tonight at the Rockstar Bar. And Happy Hump Day from everyone at TIDAL RECORDS.