Tidal Records

Author: mediavandals


Well we’d like to officially welcome LORRIE BOLDUC….FRANK DERESTI AND THE LAKE EFFECT…and THE BOOT HILL CROONERS to the Tidal Records family. Its going to be a great year. There’s a NEW Tidal Records site being done up now as well…but keep checking back here for updates until then. Time to make some more music.

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Shannon Moan Video Premier

at 8pm the amazingly talented Shannon Moan will be premiering her video for “Old Blue Sofa” off of her EP “Oh July” which I had the pleasure of recording at Mission Control Studios courtesy of Tidal Records. Join the event http://www.facebook.com/events/156243431187388/

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Dustin Jones and the Rising Tide in Pre-Production

The Tides back er…hard at work on another new album. With a huge new cataloge of songs to choose from ….the band is jus narrowing down the list and working on pre-production…anxious to get working on the actual tracking. We’ll keep you posted on the status of the album…as it unfolds.  

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