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The Lake Effect is a great name for a band, especially when that band mixes things up the way Frank Deresti and his sidemen do. A little blues, a little folk, some jazz and a rockin’ dollop of rootsiness all pile on for a fun sound that’s great in the studio but more fun live.
– Kennedy Gordon – The Peterborough Examiner

CBC’s Amanda Putz describes their sound as “folk-pop awesomeness.” Music-lovers have commonly referred to them as “a breath of fresh air.” Frank Deresti and the Lake Effect are a hard-working and adventurous group of musicians with an infectious love of performing, whose unique take on the singer-songwriter genre has been delighting audiences since the release of their debut album – “this time”, in 2012.

Outside of this band each member has been an active contributor to the Canadian Indie Music scene, with thousands of performances under their collective belt, from festivals to bars to theatres to house concerts, cocktail parties, barbecues, and just about any other live performance situation imaginable. The combined experience, cross-genre versatility, and collective energy of the group results in a seasoned, diverse, and always entertaining performing machine.

The band blends acoustic guitar, banjo, saxophone, trumpet, violin, upright bass, drums, percussion and layers of vocal harmonies to create an ever-changing sonic experience in support of Frank’s thought-provoking lyrics. The combination of Frank’s songwriting and the undeniable talent of each member of this five-plus piece band provides a listening experience sure to please a wide cross-section of listeners. Frank Deresti and the Lake Effect adeptly entertain in the rowdiest of settings or the most sensitive of rooms. From heart-felt ballads to spontaneous moments of unbridled energy, all wrapped in a package of unquestionable musicianship and dedication to their craft, this band is a must-see.

Frank Deresti and the Lake Effect are currently touring in support of their self-titled second album, released in the spring of 2014.

Band Members:
Frank Deresti – vocals, guitar, banjo, harmonica, percussion
Jay Case – upright bass, vocals
Chris “Taco” Johns – drums, vocals
Josh Norling – sax, trumpet, percussion, vocals
Sheldon Jaaskelainen – violin, percussion, vocals
Jay Stiles – keyboards, percussion

Frank Deresti and the Lake Effect are a fine tuned, well-balanced group of musicians who continually delight fans with their entertaining and engaging shows. Always a pleasure to work with and such a positive experience for everyone involved, Frank Deresti and the Lake Effect love to play music. They exude this both on the stage and off. Their original songs are lyrical and infectious, while their choice of covers is diverse and unique; they can swoon, they can jam and they totally rock!”
– Angela Smolders – owner / promoter – Paddy Flaherty’s – Sarnia, ON