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The Conspirators

Darrin Pfeiffer (from Goldfinger), Chuck Dailey (from I Mother Earth), and Dustin Jones (from Inner City Surfers), old friends who finally decided to make some music together.

“While The World Sleeps” is a punk infused record that gives a peak behind the curtain of an addict while taking you on a journey from hard partying and self abuse, through to a state of recovery.

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  • 01

    Don't Want To Come Down

    The Conspirators

  • 02

    Bottle Then The Shakes

    The Conspirators

  • 03

    Not Today

    The Conspirators

  • 04

    Sick and Broken Hearted

    The Conspirators

  • 05

    Sunday Best

    The Conspirators

  • 06

    Taking Over

    The Conspirators

  • 07

    I'm Sure

    The Conspirators

Chuck was born in Kitchener Ontario Canada to his parents, a Navy Show Band Guitar Player and School Teacher. His Dad got him started on Guitar at 5 years old...

As  president and in house engineer/producer for Tidal Records based in Sault Ste. Marie Ontario Canada, Dustin Jones, has lived his life by making things happen.

Darrin Pfeiffer, has enjoyed a 20+ year drumming career with multi-platinum pop-punk band Goldfinger. With the band, he has released 9 cd’s and has traveled the world playing sold out shows.

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